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limp - 0306 Daisy Haze New Dental Assistant

limp - 0306 Daisy Haze New Dental Assistant1

Daisy is interviewing to be an assistant and receptionist at a very respected Dentists office. He insists she get a check up as she will be representing his practice. The Doctor (as he likes to be called) puts an implant in when he has her under and programs it with his phone, Daisy’s mind is now completely over ridden by simple commands

She is instructed to tell her boyfriend that it is over and he must move out

She is then made to robotically masturbate

She refuses to wear the uniform, but is then compelled to obey and model it

The Doctor puts her back on the table and begins to give her permanent programming.fade

Another morning Daisy (now working at the office for some time) is waiting in her new uniform with a big smile and the Doctor’s coffee and charts for the day. She asks if he needs anything else. He drinks the coffee, looks over his charts and then absently mutters “oral service” Daisy’s eyes immediately roll up and she drops to her knees to service the doctor until he fills her mouth with cum, dripping over her lips and then swallows it all at his command.

Later that week the Doctor has had a hard dental surgery to perform, Daisy is standing nearby admiring the Doctor. He he comments that he is “stressed” Daisy’s eyes roll up and she bends over the table saying “Relieve your stress on me Doctor”

After the Doctor uses her and cums on her thighs and pussy he tells her it is time for “lunch” Daisy Looks down seeing herself covered in cum then smiles happily “Well, I will get myself cleaned up and go down the street to get us some lunch”

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