Primal Fetish Riley Reid – Anything for Daddy HD c4s

limp - 0489 Riley Reid Anything for daddy

limp - 0489 Riley Reid Anything for daddy1

Part ONE – An Indecent Proposal

Riley goes in to see her dad at work. After she leaves dad’s boss talks to him about how he might be able to land that big promotion…

That night Riley’s dad talks to her. She wants to do anything she can to help her dad, but she is really nervous about being with an older man, if dad could maybe show her what she could do?…

Part TWO

Riley has been staying out late and even skipping school. her dad figures out hat she has been seeing his boss. When he confronts her, Riley confesses…that she has been longing for him. Riley never felt pleasure like she did her her dad and his boss is the next closest thing. The truth is, the only man she wants now is her dad…

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