Choreographed fighting – Agents Of Hosiery HD 720p

limp - 1014 Agents Of Hosiery.mp4

We fade in on two skilled agents (played by Miss Velvets and Constance) making their way into a target’s lair. As one finds the laptop containing their target info, the other attacks from behind, sparking a back and forth punch/kick-filled that leads to Agent Constance out cold on the floor! Velvets strips her rival down, but Constance strikes back, returning the favor with her own KO and strip session as the town struggle to be the last badass standing! The battle continues and seemingly ends with a massive knockout punch that sends one agent flying over the couch. Constance’s boss walks in, however, leading to a final twist that leaves both agents out cold and carried back to base!

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:20:48
Size: 1489 Mb

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