Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks – Poison Ivy Submits FullHD 1080p

limp - 1015 Poison Ivy Submits.wmv

“I wasn’t expecting any new patients” Dr Chase says as a woman walks in the door. “I want to know why all my friends are turning into super villains” She demands of the doctor. “Just look at my pendent” Dr. Chase replies and soon Poison Ivy’s mind begins to slow. She falls under Dr. Chase’s control and sits on the couch, eyes closed and ready to obey.
Poison Ivy wrestles just enough self control back to transform into her costume and fight for her soul. With a smile Dr. Chase puts the necklace around Poison Ivy’s neck and completely defeats her. Poison Ivy is once again a obedient puppet. “Kiss me” The doctor demands, and she complies grabbing the doctors big breasts while doing it. “No I must fight this” She says. Dr. Chase continues her soft words, putting her deeper and deeper into submission. “How do you feel?” the doctor asks. “Like I want to be controlled” Poison Ivy responds. “That’s a good girl. We are going to have such fun together” She says softly.

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