Dixie Comet – I Always Wanted to Give You a Ride HD 720p

limp - 1028 Ive Always Wanted To Give You A Ride.mp4

On Dixie’s long walk home from the grocery, a man, who she had noticed eyeballing her at the grocery store, asks her if she needed a ride. She takes him up on his offer only to be over powered, tied and gagged and taken back to his house. He pushes her around the room so she’s staggering all over the place…all the while spanking and groping her body. He teases and humiliates her, calling her filthy names and slapping her across the face. He grabs her and unties the gag and puts his hand over Dixie’s mouth and with his other hand he rips open her shirt.
Dixie screams hard beneath his hand. Keeping his hand tightly over her mouth, he yanks up Dixie’s skirt to reveal a black thong and then shoves his hand down her panties and starts fingering fucking her bushy pussy. Dixie is really screaming behind his hand now as he shoves her down on her knees. He opens up his fly and yanks out his cock. Dixie keeps her mouth closed and refuses to open it but he clamps his hand over her nose until she can’t breathe and opens her mouth. He shoves his rock hard dick in her mouth and starts skull fucking Dixie. He shoves his fingers down her throat and uses his hands as clamps to keep that pretty mouth of hers open to forcefully thrust his dick down her throat. As she begs for him to stop in between scared breaths, he spits in her face and smacks her around, humiliating her more, and continues to shove his cock in deep her mouth and making her gag on it.

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