Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Carmen Valentina – Son’s Magic Wand – Son Forces Mom to Fuck Him, POV FullHD mp4

limp - 1154 Son Uses Magic Wand to Fuck Mom.mp4

Carmen Valentina, mom/son, POV, son has a new magic wand & mom is excited to see if he can do any tricks, son makes mom’s shoes disappear & mom is shocked, son continues to do one trick after another, dress disappears, mom is topless & embarrassed, she tries to cover her exposed body up, she yells at her son to stop, threatens to ground him, he makes all her clothes disappear, imposed stripping, embarrassed naked female, humiliated, embarrassment, she tries to take the wand from him, son makes mom masturbate, masturbation, virtual blowjob, mom begs son to stop, mom tries to fight getting onto the bed, she can’t move while her son is fucking her, virtual sex, son makes mom say that she liked being fucked by him, mom is mortified, runs out the room, female training, magic control, uncontrollable body movement, woman following orders, MILF, momma’s boy, erotic magic, fantasies, taboo, family sex, ENF, fauxcest, obedient slave, special effects, sound effects**

You were thrilled that your mom had gotten you a new magic kit. You rushed to get the box open, then pulled out a pair of white gloves and a black wand with white ends. “Do you like it?” Mom smiled sweetly. “So, what do you say when you do a magic trick? Do you say alakazam or abracadabra? Have you been practicing?” You LOVED magic – of course you had been practicing! So, when Mom requested you do a magic trick, you could hardly contain yourself. “It’s so cute,” Mom said, “I love it when you get a new hobby.” With wand in hand, you flicked your wrist, and a huge puff of smoke appeared in front of Mom. “Oh my god, where’d my shoes go?” she asked shocked. “Wow! Honey, that is an amazing trick – how did you do that? That is too freaky.” “Wha-what are you going to do now?” she asked when she saw the wand pointed at her. You flicked your wrist, and her pink dress disappeared, revealing her bare, perky tits. “Oh my god, honey, what did you do? I don’t even know how you did that…this is inappropriate. You’re being bad now. This isn’t cute anymore!” Although she threatened to ground you, you didn’t stop there – you couldn’t, it was too much fun. Another flick of the magic wand, and now Mom was naked. Embarrassed, her hands quickly covered her exposed, private parts. “No, no! You go to your room. You’re not allowed to do magic anymore!” she yelled at you. “I don’t even know how you’re doing that, or how you learned this. I know that magic book I bought you didn’t teach you this!” Mom tried to take the wand from you, but you just continued to make her do one thing after another. Without any control, she started masturbating, her fingers circling her clit. “Why can’t I stop this?” she panicked. “What did you do to me? Don’t look at me while I do this!” Another flick, and she couldn’t stop herself from getting onto her knees.

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