Primal Fetish Alex Coal, Athena Faris, Lacey Lennon – Vampire Protege Completing Her Coven part 1 mkv FullHD mp4

limp - 1317 Vampire Protege Completing Her Coven

limp - 1317 Vampire Protege Completing Her Coven.mkv

Lacey can feel her asshole bosses eyes on her ass. Sure the old bartender Nathan used to check her out and hit on her, but at least he was hot, and not twice her age. Nathan quite without notice, just stopped coming in, everyone says he and Ashly ran off together since they quit at the same time. So, now Lacey is stuck working doubles and her creepy boss has been filling in tending bar till he finds a replacement.

Another night of listening to him brag and ignore space boundaries. Until two super hot girls come in…wait Lacey thinks, is that Alex? No Way! She looks INCREDIBLE, Lacey feels mesmerized by Alex and her beautiful friend, she feels drawn to them. She hardly even notices the way Alex deals with her boss. She just…goes with them.

Lacey comes to her senses a bit and finds herself in a bedroom, feeling things she never openly felt before…

Just as she is coming down from the height of pleasure she feels agony and ecstasy all at once and she is falling into darkness, she can’t move, she can’t breath and then everything goes black.

Format: mkv
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:46:13
Size: 2073 Mb

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