Primals SUPERHEROINE SHAME Casey Calvert – Jade Dragon is Captured and Drained HD 720p

limp - 1315 Jade Dragon is Captured and Drained Primals SUPERHEROINE SHAME.avi

The dazed Jade Dragon awakens on the floor, quickly realizing she is bound by rope and gagged with a cloth. The distressed heroine struggles against her bindings, hoping to wriggle free before that dastardly villain returns. Cyphon’s knots are strong, but Jade Dragon is stronger. After some intense wiggling and squirming, she manages to slip the ties on her arms and hurries to untie her legs. But Jade Dragon isn’t quick enough. Before she can complete her escape, Cyphon returns with one of his favorite tools. He speedily knocks her out once more.

Again awakening to rope restraints, Jade Dragon continues to put up a fight. She twists and turns in her bondage, eager for any escape. Unfortunately, her captor has become quite skilled at capturing and draining superheroines. There is no escape. Taunting her helpless state, Cyphon brandishes the powerful vibrator that’s weakened every other superheroine slut before her. Jade Dragon futilely screams into her gag as he makes her cum again and again and again, increasingly weakening her will. As badly as she tries to fight it, the once strong superheroine submits to the euphoria as Cyphon uses his special glove to drain every last drop of her powers. Drained, defeated, and utterly helpless, Jade Dragon to be found in her shame by the next foolish superheroine brazen enough to try to take Cyphon down.

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Format: avi
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:18:12
Size: 806 Mb

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