Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Ashley Adams, Cory Chase – Wunder Woman vs Kat Woman FullHD mp4 1080p

limp - 1322 CoryAshley Wunder Woman vs Kat Woman.mp4

With a little chemical spray to the face, Wunder Woman falls to the couch. Powerless and helpless she can’t stop Kat Woman from taking more than her jewels. Bringing her to the bedroom, Kat Woman ties her up naked and spread on the bed. She wakes to Kat Woman’s tongue licking and flicking her clit. She moans involuntarily and thrashes against the ropes. “Are you going to give me a Wunder cum?” Kat Woman purrs. With that Wunder Woman’s will breaks and she cums on her attackers furious, violating fingers.

Sticking Wunder Woman’s fingers in her own wet pussy, Kat Woman makes her taste her own orgasm. A wet slick spot spreading on the bed sheets. She sprays her in the face again and curls around her new prize. The powerful Wunder Woman her cat toy forever.

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