Mental Domination Goddess Kim’s Fantasies in Mesmerized Smoke slave Young Goddess Kim FullHD 1080p

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I’m visiting a hypnotherapist to relax me (I’m suffering from too much stress!). I have heard that your techniques are extremely effective. However, as you enter the consultation room, I’m spellbound as you’re wearing a tight metallic dress (how did you know I have a fetish for shiny clothes??). You sit with a demure smile and tell me that you can help me overcome my stress and anxieties all I need to do is relax and follow your instructions.

Your soothing voice guides me into a deep relaxing trance. You use phrases such as “relax”, “you are safe”, “just let me guide you” to relax me. You then suggest that smoking can help a subject to relax even deeper. You gently instruct me to smoke and as I do, your voice becomes even more seductive telling me how good it feels to obey, just let the smoke erase my mind. It feels so good, so natural to follow Mistress Kim’s suggestions. My arousal grows as the smoke fills my lungs and my mind slips away.

Nothing matters anymore. Nothing but Mistress Kim’s suggestions. You continue to relax me. Telling me how easy it is to just give in. You know how weak I am, how I can’t resist your body in a shiny dress. Weaker and weaker I become. Mistress Kim’s mindless Intox-Fantasy slave. You snap your fingers as I enter a state of complete mindless bliss. You suggest that I touch myself and smoke again. Relaxed Mindless Nothing matters anymore Just Mistress Kim My orgasm will complete my transformation Like all the others, I have become Mistress Kim’s mindless smoke slave.

Custom Clip Feedback: It is absolutely divine. From your wonderfully eloquent delivery and demeanor through to your dazzling outfit… you have certainly exceeded all expectations.

Includes: Young Goddess Kim, Smoking Fetish, Coerced Intoxication, Mesmerize, Shiny Fetish, Mind Fuck, Stilettos, Femdom POV, Sensual Domination, Mental Domination, Metallic Dress, Smoking Instruction
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