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Lieutenant Johnny has been fighting in the Vietnam jungles for years, searching for the Magical Stone, Conscience. This “Stone” is known to give Mind Control powers to whom ever holds it in their possession. The Stone dates back to 207 B.C to Vietnam’s first civilization near the Red River Valley some 5,000 years ago . The Stone’s magic was used to control the gods and field workers. One hundred years ago the stone went missing, stolen by thieves but lost in their get away. After hearing about a shinny stone a boy found in a river near Bong Trang Lieutenant Johnny shifted his assault South attacking the village and taking the Stone. Lieutenant Johnny also captured his ultimate enemies, King Jons Lu step-daughter, Lulu. Lulu holds the truth to her Fathers base and plans for their next attack. Lieutenant Johnny uses the Stone to get the truth from Lulu by controlling her mind with this magical power. The baron of the truth that pours out of Lulu’s mouth is mind blowing to Lieutenant Johnny so after getting all his information he decides to have some fun with her. The jungle can be a lonely place during a war. Lieutenant Johnny lights a cigarette and first has her undress, then he fingers her making sure she’s clean. Lieutenant Johnny then orders her to get on her knees and take his big cock out for a sloppy blow job. He notices that her pussy is dripping on the cold concrete floor so he orders her to open her legs and take his giant cock into her tight young pussy. War sex never lasts long and Lieutenant Johnny blows his big load all over her. After sex Lieutenant Johnny commands Lulu to snap out of his Mind Control but not before one more surprise from Lulu.

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