Girls Gone Hypnotized – Madelyn Ravae Hypnotized HD 720p

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Madelyn Ravae is being held hostage in her own home by a masked assailant demanding her husband’s cash and bank codes. Madelyn is being uncooperative, as many of his victims are, so he hypnotizes her with a pocket watch while she is helplessly bound to a chair. Madelyn resists at first, but slowly falls into a trance and under his complete control. She now addresses him as “master” and obeys any commands she is given while under hypnosis. After the robber receives his cash, he is about to leave, but realizes he cannot pass up a perfect opportunity to have a naked woman obey his every command.

Restrained and hypnotized
Swinging watch induction
Lots of “yes masters” and mantras repeated
Hands over cash from safe and bank codes while under hypnosis
Made to bark like a dog and stand on one leg
Sleepwalking / zombie-walking scene while repeating mantra
Made to slowly and seductively remove her clothes
Inspected and felt up while entranced and nude
Stands in a trance repeating mantras
Snapped out of trance to get her reaction, back into trance with a second snap (2)
Made to dance slowly while naked
Virtual implied HJ scene (no real sex, no male nudity)
Left standing nude and chanting mantras
Full nude

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:18:29
Size: 499 Mb

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