Tennis Court Freeze: Ludella Becomes a Country Club Sexdoll HD 720p

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POV has been stalking Ludella for a while now and knows she likes to come to the country club tennis courts to hit some balls solo at dusk each day, which happens to be the perfect spot for POV to FREEZE Ludella, in this secluded place. He watches from behind the gate, and when she’s about to leave as the sun sets, he hurries over to her. “Excuse me? No, I can’t give you a ride…” she responds snobbily, but before she can finish, POV waves his hand, freezing her in place instantly. He’s been preparing for this for a long time, practicing magic to make Ludella his personal doll, and it’s worked. She’s frozen in place, unable to stop him from playing with her.

He takes his time looking her over. He’s never been so close to her before. He poses her, manipulating her limbs and body into various positions, lifting up her tennis skirt and caressing her curvaceous body. He bends her over and rubs her BIG BUTT, and she just continues to stare straight ahead like a doll. He has her all to himself on this secluded court, so he begins to strip her out of her clothes, revealing her matching peach bra and panty set. How classy. He pans over her frozen body, her doll-like eyes, and strokes a finger inside her pouty-lipped open mouth.

He unsnaps her bra, revealing her BIG TITS, all round in his face. He plays with them, jiggling them and pinching her nipples, making them hard. Then he moves onto her panties, pulling them slowly down to reveal her bare ass. He pulls them down to her ankles and decides it might be fun to wake her out of it–to unfreeze her and watch her humiliation and embarrassment when she finds herself butt-naked on the tennis court with a man she doesn’t know. He snaps his fingers and she comes back to life, gasping when she finds herself naked. She tries to pull her panties back up and grabs her clothes off the ground, clutching them to hide herself. “What did you do to me? What happened?” She yells, angry and embarrassed, trying to hide herself as she backs away. SNAP. She freezes with that concerned look on her face. POV pans over her body, pulling her limbs off her body so that her clothes drop and posing her. He plays with her huge tits again and then manipulates her face so that she has her mouth open in a nice O shape. Then he goes back to her ass, caressing and spanking it. She’ll do very well.

He pushes her stiff body onto the tar, she’s posed with her arms like a doll, but he straightens them out to lay at her side, then pans up and down her curvy body and her hairy bush, up to her wide-eyed stare and opens her mouth wider, looking over his new play thing. It’s sun is almost gone. He’ll easily get her into his car with no one seeing, so he drags away his prize, his new redhaired country club sex doll.

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