Girls Gone Hypnotized – Aurora and Alisha Hypnotized FullHD 1080p

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Aurora’s brother is being told to move out by their roommate Alisha. She’s tired of him sneaking into her room at night and masturbating to her. Aurora agrees that Steve has to go, but he’s not planning on leaving. He hypnotizes his sister with a pocket watch and makes her his slave. When Alisha finds Aurora in an unbreakable trance, it’s her turn to get hypnotized next. Both girls mindlessly obey Steve, their master, and strip down to their bikini bottoms. When they are eventually released from their trance, they have a new attitude towards Steve and only wish to bring him pleasure.

Key highlights of video include:

Aurora is hypnotized by her brother using a pocket watch.
She goes into a trance and repeats back the commands he gives her.
Alisha finds Auroa in a trance and tries to wake her up.
Aurora is made to sleepwalk in circles while chanting “I must obey”.
Alisha is then hypnotized with the pocket watch as well.
Alisha goes into a trance and must join Aurora in sleepwalking through the room.
Both girls stand entranced and await their master’s instruction.
Both girls brought out of trance and have a completely different attitude towards Steve. They no longer want him to leave, and enjoy his creepy behavior.
The girls are snapped back into trance and forced to strip down to their bikinis.
Aurora’s brother makes her take her bikini top off and sleepwalk in circles while Alisha rubs his lap with her hand.
Alisha is made to remove her top and remain seated in a trance.
Alisha is made to give Aurora a lap dance as she chants her mantra.
Both girls are made to sleepwalk through the room topless as they chant the same mantra.
The girls are brought out of trance, but now have a different attitude towards Steve. They rub his cock while rubbing each others tits and beg him to cum for them.(simulated – no real sex, no male nudity).
Their master squirts their chests with cum and they rub it in to each other.
Topless, nude down to bikini bottoms.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:34:45
Size: 1000 Mb

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