Jmac, Luke Longly, Cory Chase, Dava Foxx – Office Harassment Vol. 2 – Badger Game HD mp4

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Scene One:

JMac calls Luke in to his office one afternoon… “How are you liking your new position as assistant manager?” he asks Luke. Luke tells his boss how disappointed he is that he didn’t get the office manager job! JMac pulls out some photo’s that seem to peak his interest. There were secret camera’s in the office that recorded Luke having sex with his sister, Dava! JMac tells Luke to bring Dava to his office so he can have some fun with her… He also promises to finally give Luke the office manager position! Luke explains the situation to Dava and she is unsure about this at first, but she eventually agrees to meet with her brother’s boss.

Luke leaves the room and Dava and JMac begin to kiss each other. He pulls her shirt off and tells her that she has great tits! He pulls his big cock out, and they move over to the couch in his office. She leans over his leg in the doggy style position to suck his cock. “You want to get on that dick?” he asks her. She hops on top of his cock in the reverse cowgirl position and starts to ride his big cock. “You’re going to give my brother that promotion, right?!” she asks, while she rides his cock. She flips over in to the regular cowgirl position and he fucks her pussy while she is on top of him. “Your pussy is so fucking good!” he moans. He lifts her up in to the air and continues to fuck her. Then he throws her down on the floor and fucks her while she is upside down! “You want my fucking cum now?” he asks her. She tells him to cum for her and he cums deep inside her pussy! “Your brother is definitely going to get that promotion now!” he tells her, before giving her a corporate credit card for her to buy herself some lunch…

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