Girls Gone Hypnotized – Erin Hypnotized 2 HD 720p

limp - 1504 Erin.mp4

The nature of the mind control in this video is through “force powers”. There is no hypnosis through eye fixation.

A hypnotist with the ability to entrance subjects with the mere wave of his hand has taken a liking to Erin. He noticed her in the audience of his show the night before, and now that he’s found her address, he’s shown up to give her a one-on-one demonstration of his powers. He puts Erin helplessly under his control, making her do and say anything he desires, including stripping down to panties and dancing for her master. Erin mindlessly follows and obeys his every command.

Key highlights of video include:
Hypnotized through magic powers
Made to call the hypnotist “master”
Stands entranced while her master looks her over, answering only when spoken to
Made to bring her master a drink while she puts on a dance for him
Walks seductively as she repeats her mantras
Made to remove her top and skirt
Continues walking seductively for her master
Again, made to dance and entertain the hypnotist
Made sleepwalk through the room and repeat her mantras
Posed as a zombie as her eyes roll into the back of her head
Put to sleep standing up and inspected
Ordered to lay on the couch and prepare herself for her master
Topless, nude down to panties

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:09:21
Size: 356 Mb

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