Rachel Steele DID840 Blind and Helpless, Part 3 SD mp4

limp - 1617 Blind and Helpless.mp4

Part two of three. Joseph began his cunning plan in earnest. Creating a fake package, he rang Rachel’s doorbell pretending to be a delivery man. When Rachel naively let him in, he did not pounce on her straight away. In order for nothing to go wrong, he was determined to do things as Part three of three. Joseph mocked Rachel cruelly as he forced her to suck his cock deep. Rachel told the unseen violator to do whatever he wanted and leave her to herself. He took particularly evil pleasure in pushing her on to her knees and roughly violating her pussy with his large fingers before climbing behind her and subjecting her to a long, hard, doggy-style fuck. It was utter torment for the frightened Rachel. There she was, in her own bed, being hauled around and taunted by a man she could not see. By the end of it all, she was a sobbing, trembling wreck as the hot streams of Joseph’s cum struck her face and entered her unsuspecting mouth. As for Joseph, his wicked needs had been thoroughly satisfied. Having threatened Rachel not to tell of what had happened, he calmly left the premises with the double-assurance that she would never be able to describe him to the police. For Rachel, meanwhile, her life would never be the same again.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 720 x 540
Duration: 00:10:45
Size: 252 Mb

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