Rachel Steele MILF1616 – Freezing Females, Dealer’s Dolls, Part 2 SD mp4

limp - 1616 Freezing Females.mp4

A strap-on wearing Rachel tick-tock-walked to the bed where Susan was still in the all-fours position in which Rodney had left her earlier. Moving up behind the blonde, Rachel commenced to fuck the plastic cock deep the othera`s exposed pussy. Meanwhile, Misty followed Rodney’s instructions to strip her step-mother out of her bra so that her lovely big breasts were on display. A period of mechanical female-female doggy-style fucking ensued. Rachel face was fixed in a vacuous smile throughout. Susana€™s face was expressionless, but her moans were vital and passionate. After this piece of action, Rodney had all three of his dolls take turns giving his cock a long and sensual suck. Just like earlier, he occasionally used the FREEZE command to pause them at interesting and arousing moments. A dizzying number of sex-acts followed on from that. Among other things, Rodney had Rachel lie back with her legs parted while Misty licked and tongue-fucked her exposed pussy. Rodney went on to join the duo, pumping his cock back and forth in Rachela€™s accepting mouth. Then he ordered the three dolls to position themselves on hands and knees, side by side. One at a time he had each of the blank-faced hotties give him a further sucking off. The FREEZE command again came in handy, and it would continue to do so for the remainder of the orgy. Further down the line, Rodney fucked Rachel in the doggy-position.

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