Girls Gone Hypnotized – Girfriend Reprogrammed HD 720p

limp - 1638 Girfriend Reprogrammed.mp4

Bailey is staying several days in a hotel. She steps out for lunch one afternoon and is startled to find a staff member in her room when she gets back, seemingly waiting on her. She becomes nervous as he approaches, and backs against the wall. The man forces Bailey to watch as he swings a pocket watch before her eyes. Slowly, she goes into a trance. Bailey is programmed with a trigger that brings her in and out of trance at will. The man has fun making Bailey obey his erotic commands, and then bringing her out of trance to find herself in odd situations. She can never seem to make it out the door before being put back into a mindless state. Bailey ends up wearing nothing but her panties and giving her master a much needed hand job before its all over (simulated only).

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:18:50
Size: 264 Mb

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