Girls Gone Hypnotized – Two Girls Hypnotized HD 720p

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Pepper sees a therapist for help with her anxiety. She finds a good deal online, but things seem a bit unusual when he tells her the session will take place in his hotel room. Against her better judgement, Pepper shows up anyway. She becomes uneasy when he suggests that they use hypnosis to get to the root of her anxiety. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be hypnotized; she doesn’t want to be out of control. The therapist proceeds regardless, and puts Pepper into a deep trance. Now that he has Pepper under his complete control, he makes her obey a series of bizarre but erotic commands, and before long she is not wearing any clothes. Pepper is woken up many times throughout the session, always asking not to be hypnotized, but always being put back under his hypnotic control. At the end of the session, Pepper will be cured of her anxiety, but she will have to be the source of the hypnotist’s erotic entertainment first.

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