Jacquelyn Velvets, Eden – The Spying Game HD 720p

limp - 1622 The Spying Game.mp4

Two spies tracking down a special ring loaded with millions worth of stolen government data clash at an empty home. The beautiful blonde (played by Jacquelyn Velvets) tackles her opponent (Eden) down quickly and efficiently, and then proceeds to use various KO methods to keep her down as she plays with her limp body and even plants kisses on her as she slumbers. Agent Eden eventually strikes back, however, nailing a perfect freeze pressure point jab and KO nerve squeeze that suddenly ends Velvet’s efforts. She finds the prized ring, but a rival spy (Sleeperkid) is waiting for her. He strikes with a KO blow to the skull via a blackjack and cradle carries her before removing her catsuit. He smiles as he places the ring on his finger and OTD carries her out of the house.as everything fades to black!!

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:18:43
Size: 1338 Mb

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