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Lily loves taking care of Eric’s cat, but she’s unaware of his time stopping watch and its magical power. What starts as a normal conversation becomes a confusing nightmare for Lily, as both her clothes and her dignity are slowly stripped from her. First, Eric freezes time and plays with her pretty feet, before draping her leg suggestively over his lap. Lily awakens, shocked to find herself in such a compromising position. That is only the beginning. Next, she awakens, leaning back on the couch, legs spread wide and panties clearly on display, as Eric taunts her by telling her that she suggested they have sex. She looks frantically around, desperately seeking some explanation, only to be frozen again and reawakened with Eric’s dick inside her. Nothing seems to make sense as she finds that she has no control over keeping any of her clothes on, or her client’s dick out of her over stimulated cunt. He laughs as he covers her in his goo, awaking her to her shocked and slime covered state, completely bewildered as to what just took place.

Categories: Timestop , Lily Labeau, Eric, Mesmerize, Limp Fetish, Hypnosis, Mind Control, Magic Control

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Duratio: 00:15:49
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