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Claire Irons is looking in the mirror getting ready for her night out. She gets an unexpected phone call from Hannah Perez. Claire wonders why she is even calling. Hannah called to tell Claire that their fallen friend that took the blame for their last job, is out on bail. Claire tries to reasure a scared Hannah that everything will be okay. In therir line of business things like this are going to happen sometimes. But Hannah wants to remind Claire, what Eden is capable of doing. Hannah asks for Claire to come over. Claire has reservations about going to Hannah’s house because they always seem to do stuff that Claire isn’t comfortable with doing anymore. Hannah tells Claire it isn’t even about that and she just wants Claire to come over. Claire decides to go over but she doesn’t have a good feeling about that.

After getting off the phone with Claire, Hannah is there with a grudge holding Eden. Eden has Hannah handcuffed with her hands behind her back. Eden mocks Hannah’s acting skills to get Claire to the house. Hannah tries to beg and plead with Eden. She tries to tell her that they don’t have to keep living this way. Hannah tries to tell Eden that she wasn’t set up. Eden has picked up some new skills and tells Hannah to look at her phone. Eden makes sure that Hannah doesn’t stop looking. She becomes mesmerized. Hannah is now under Eden’s control.

Claire arrives to Hannah’s. She starts talking about the really bad feeling she has about Eden possibly showing up. She wants to take precautions. Claire starts feeling uncomfortable and tries to leave. Hannah has her little red dress on and its making Claire question the true circumstances of why she is wanted there. But Hannah reels Claire in and starts lightly massaging Claire’s shoulders. Making Claire a little relaxed but still tense from the situation. Hannah gets Claire to have a seat and Hannah begins feeling on Claire. Safety in numbers, no funny business. The mixed signals is not relaxing Claire, at first. Hannah makes it fun and handcuffs Claire around the arms of the chair. Claire has gotten over being tense and has given in to Hannah like always.

As Hannah is on Claire’s lap Eden walks in and snaps Hannah out of her trance. Eden has gotten them both right where she wants them. There is no saving the two she has them tied together and left to struggle as she waits on the people she has connected with in prison to come and get them.

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