briellajaden111 – capturing superheroin w limp injection Real Doll, Damsel in Distress HD 720p

limp - 1706 briellajaden111 custom limp realtor.mp4

Vesper is a very sexy superheroine, but I can’t wait to take Vesper the Bat Girl Down. I sit down with her as if I was generally interested in her superpower. and curious about what it entails to be a superheroine. Vesper was a great superheroine, but she loved to gab, which was her downfall and I knew I could use it to my advantage. I give her a limp injection which was to take all of her power, and then I could encompass it and take her place. Vesper is shocked that she didn’t realize a villain was sitting next to her as I explain what I am actually doing there, and she is given the potion. She immediately goes limp and I play with her limp limbs. I ragdoll her limp body, look under her eyes and more. Then I remove her heels. Now she is going to be even more powerless. I have complete control. She struggles, but tries to play it off as if she wasn’t losing all her powers. Still, I know better. She is. I ragdoll her more, and then finish this superheroine off with another limp injection

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