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Custom Commission: You would be a real estate agent showing the property to an interested man, but the guys has no plans on buying a home. He just saw how beautiful you were in the picture next to the advertisement in the newspaper and figured it would be a great opportunity to lure you to the residence – alone. After you give the man some attitude about how he couldn’t afford you, and he’s not your type he begins to get angry. You feel like he is wasting your time. But your not rude so you continue to talk to him. You even decide to sit down on thecouch to go over some paperwork and other details on the property. But as you two get up off the couch he uses something on you which makes you feel weird! This SLOWLY puts you in a daze. You are not out just feel extremely groggy. At first you can resist this crazy man, but the grogginess comes in stages. As time passes you get more and more groggy by the minute. You don’t understand what’s happening, but your aware something is definitely not right., He sits you back on the couch while you moan things like “what’s going on” with your eyes rolling and crossing many times. Again this happens in stages. Not all at once. He opens your shirt and fondles your breasts. Aggressively opens your legs and rubs your vagina and taunts you. All fondling, no hardcore sex but he does strip you naked. He ragdolls your limbs several times making fun of how weakened you are before you go completely limp. He eventually leaves you on the couch all alone

briellajaden111-Amateur-Damsel in Distress, Real Doll, Domination

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:10:00
Size: 441 Mb

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