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After getting a super hot custom for a similar scenario I decided to write my own. I had so much fun filming the custom which will be added here shortly as well. However, in this hot clip there are two hot female limp girls possessed! You see Bella is super freaked out. She just moved into a brand new home. The house was creepy, and she swears it was haunted. As scared as she was she didn’t believe in ghosts! However, as time went on the noises suddenly got louder, and sounded as if they were coming right at her. Like a ton of bricks all at once the ghost jumps into her body! The spirit of the demon entering the poor girl throws her hard against the back of the couch. The ghost begins manipulating her body. You can’t see the ghost, but you can clearly see Bella’s body begin to move on its own accord. The ghost ragdolls Bella. It lifts her arms and drops them and does the same to her sexy tanned legs. The ghost pushes Bella on to the ground, where it touches her pussy and breasts through Bella’s own hands! She is clearly possessed! I hear the commotion and come running into the room to check on my best friend and roommate. What the hell could be going on? The moment I come into the room I am also thrown onto the ground! The demon enters my body, and begins to manipulate me as well! Oh no! The ghost does the same things to me as it did to Bella! Then leads me to Bella and makes us both ragdoll each other! I am evilly thrown right onto her belly. We are crumbled in a pile of sexy half nude girly parts and pantyhose. The ghost removed my dress before throwing me on top of Bella. Neither of us have any control of our bodies! We are possessed by this evil, demented ghost who manipulates both of our bodies at once! It opens my mouth wide as I straddle Bella. Bella pushes me off her, and begins to move my limbs a pawn of the ghost herself! She looks under my blank eyes. The ghost makes me slap myself. When the ghost returns to Bella it makes her fondle my breasts and pussy. Then after Bella ragdolls me some more the evil ghost drags me out of the room by my arms taking my limp body for a ride… =) This hot clip is discounted

briellajaden111-Amateur-Damsel in Distress, Aliens & Monsters, Vampire

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