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Briella always thought limp play was super hot. She wanted to try some new KO methods with her new girlfriend. She wasn’t sure what Ayla’s reaction to her limp suggestion would be. As imagined though, Ayla was shocked. ‘You want to ko me?’ I laugh and tell her it’s so sexy, and she will love the orgasmic feeling she gets as she goes out. Ayla agrees when I reveal this final tidbit of information. I quickly wrap my hands around her slender neck, putting just enough pressure on her vagus nerve to ko my pretty blonde girlfriend. Once she’s out the real fun begins. I enjoy ragdolling her arms and legs. She has such pretty hands and feet which are also played with. I pull up her eyes, and look inside. So sexy and lifeless. I then pull her tongue out of her mouth after examining inside her oral cavity. I wake her back up, and talk to the slightly confused girl she has become before ko’ing her again. This time I don’t wait for the go ahead. I play with her limp limbs some more. I position and reposition her. I sit her up just to knock her back down. I even make her feel herself up and down and rub her face. This is a Hott clip! It includes lots of POV shots shot close up giving you the feel that your almost there yourself, with this sexy limp blonde

briellajaden111-Amateur-Damsel in Distress, Real Doll, Domination

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