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As I do per every holiday I decided to put a hot compilation limp clip for you… This hot clip is all about limp girls… But I am doubling your pleasure. Each of the three clips I included in this compilation video has two hot limp girls… Watch us being fondled and ragdolled, ko and lots more. The clip synopsis which is included in this compilation is listed below.. Enjoy

Two Limp Asses Just for Me – I can’t believe my eyes when I walk into the door from work. My boyfriend Riain has captured another unsuspecting party girl. He’s really getting on my nerves with all these girls. I yell at Riain momentarily until I catch a look at this ebony goddess. She’s hot and suddenly I don’t mind as much. I want this one for myself. I tell Riain as much, and he’s not having it. “No we share her!” He demands. I look at him like he’s nuts. I want her all to myself. We wake her up and demand she choose which person she’d rather be with. When she doesn’t cooperate I knock her back out. Bitch will make a decision one way or another. I turn my back to Riain and he takes this opportunity to make me limp too. “I’ll get both of your limp asses fuck this!” Riain says greedily. He plays with both of our limp bodies and ragdolls us. He rolls me onto Ruby and plays with both of our bodies. He loves sniffing our feet. I have to admit Ruby’s feet did smell delicious. I wake up and try to get away from Riain but he catches me and makes me limp again. He plays with our bodies, and makes us fondle each other. When Riain has his fill of hot limp bitches he walks out of the room. “Bye sluts!” he calls to us on his way out

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