Dixieland Fetish – Alison Rey, Dixie Comet, Nate Liquor – Hired As Secretaries Mesmerized Into Sex Slaves FullHD 1080p

limp - 1713 Hired As Secretaries Mesmerized Into Sex Slaves.mp4

Alison and Dixie are interviewing for secretarial positions at a large corporation. It’s been a long interview process and they are the final two applicants remaining. They’ve grown so close during the whole process that they joke that they hope maybe they both get hired. The boss finally enters with good news, they are both hired! He tells them the final step is just for them to watch a short orientation video for new employees and he starts the video on a laptop for them to watch as he leaves for coffee. The ladies begin to watch the video but then something funny happens. The video doesn’t make any sense, it’s just a weird, spinning graphic with some droning music, but for some reason neither one of them can look away from it. They fall deeper and deeper into the video as it mesmerizes them and puts them in a trance like state. Soon they are completely mesmerized and mindless.

The boss comes back to find that his two new secretarial hires are in his preferred state of mindlessness and is pleased. He tell them that he really doesn’t need any more secretaries but he does have need for sex slaves and they have been picked. He orders them to take off their clothes and then to make out with each other and they follow his orders like mindless zombies. He then has Alison sit on the desk with her legs spread open and commands Dixie to lick her pussy. He teaches his new pets that even in their mindlessness they will experience pleasure when he commands them to, because it gives him pleasure. With that Alison’s body reflexively has an orgasm and now it’s her turn to give Dixie pleasure. Alison licks Dixie’s pussy until she comes as well. After they’ve both climaxed and proven their usefulness to their new master, they stand at attention as he tells them that this is their life from now on and he leads them off to be taken to his house.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:16:21
Size: 352 Mb

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