Fifi Foxxx Fantasy – Sydney Paige – Son’s Remote Control: Mom Becomes X-Rated, POV FullHD mp4 1080p

limp - 1718 Son Controls Mom

You couldn’t wait to show off your new remote control. “Hey honey, what’s up?” Mom smiled at your enthusiasm. “Oh cool, what’s that, my little inventor boy?” You proudly help out your device and pressed a button to show off what it could do.

“Oh honey,” Mom purred seductively, her hands running across her tits. She quickly snapped out of it, then looked at you with wide, confused eyes. “How did you do that?” Another press of a button and Mom was back to complimenting you and flirting with you.

“Oh my goodness, how did you even make that? I mean, I’m thoroughly impressed, but you’re using it on your own mother,” she tried to reason with you. Every time you hit a button, it would mind control Mom and put her into an “x-rated” mode. She’d become flirty, seductive, sultry, and sexy, and overly eager to pleasure you.

“I have to show you my breasts right now,” she smiled stripping down. “I can’t stop myself. Mm…” But then she’d snap out of it again. “Oh honey, why don’t you use that on one of your little girlfriends?” she panicked trying to cover herself up. “This is so silly.”

She invited you to teach her beautiful, perky breasts as she gave you a striptease. Once the mind control wore off, she embarrassingly tried to hide her exposed body, but another press of the remote and she was back at it. “Isn’t my body beautiful? Don’t you love looking at it?” her hands caressed her petite figure. “I bet you do – is that why you made that invention for me?”

This clip includes: Sydney Paige, mom/son, POV, young son is excited to show off his new invention – a remote that mind controls mom & puts her in an “x-rated” mode, magic control, she becomes sultry & seductive and wants nothing more than to get her son off, mom snaps back into reality and is horrified & embarrassed at what she’s doing, she tries to cover herself up, embarrassment, embarrassed naked female, ENF, mom flirts with son & compliments him, dirty talk, striptease, she invites him to touch her perky tits, virtual tit groping, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, she wants his cock inside of her, virtual sex, missionary, son fucks mom, he continues to control her using his remote, son creampies mom, taboo, MILF, older woman, cougar, female training, remote control, girl controlled, blondes, brainwashed, woman following orders, commands, obedient slave, submissive sluts, momma’s boy, trance, family sex, fauxcest, transformation, fantasies, sound effects

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