Girls Controlled To Be Bad – Amanda Marie – Controlled HD 720p

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Mizz Amanda Marie in Controlled First Time

Mizz Amanda Marie has been someone I’ve been following for awhile, and wanted to work with. One day in Tampa, FL we had this opportunity and I was happy with its results. I was struck by how strong of a personality she was, and I instantly felt the challenge to make her submit to my PROGRAMMING – and much to my delight, and much without her knowlege, she submitted completely. This discounted set is now available, remastered with better color fidelity includes the following segments:

Mizz Amanda Marie in Programming

Welcome Mizz Amanda Marie, a brand new model to my site. I’ve admired her work from afar, and finally I was able to get her under my fingers… and try my hand at programming her. I was pretty confident she would be easy, as she’s had practice before!

We first start off with a short pre-shoot interview, asking a bit of background information on who she is. Then we do a quick test, and start the PROGRAM! As I suspected, she was easy to PROGRAM, and fell to my spell quite easily. Enjoy watching her submit, and become my pliable toy.

Mizz Amanda Marie in Confused, Brain Cleaning

Mizz Amanda Marie is definitely under my spell. She is clueless as to what is occurring, and as a result I’m able to confuse her even more by making her forget the number FIVE, and ultimately forgetting her name.. making her even more confused than ever before. Finally I decide to let her know that the reason this is happening is because of a thing called “Brain Clutter”… So the way to fix this is to clean her brain!

So when I go to remove her brain (virtually of course) to clean it, she immediately goes blank and mindless… then I’m able to mess with her a bit, and put her brain back in backwards.. and perform a number of tests, finally returning her brain right-side up!

Mizz Amanda Marie in Yes Master

In this final clip, we have Mizz Amanda Marie PROGRAMED to go completely blank temporarily when I say the word PLEASE, and receptive to any and all command I give her, responding automatically with a “Yes Master”, as she will then have to do what I just told her without realizing why or how.

As I force her to get completely naked, and start having orgasms and masturbating! As well as some more fun stuff…

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Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 01:14:43
Size: 932 Mb

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