Fetishland Studios – Batgirl, Sumiko Dreams – mindless ass slave FullHD 1080p

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Batgirl, Sumiko Dreams, is telling you that you will be safe here and you have nothing else to worry about. She has a little tactic to get your mind off of things for a while. She turns around and begins dancing and moving her ass. Batgirl just wants you to focus on her hips moving back and forth. Isn’t it mesmerizing to watch her ass sway side to side. Let yourself get lost in her hips. Watch her nice juicy ass sway just for you. After a while she asks how you are feeling now. You are lost in trance and in a blink of an eye she changes and is ready to continue swaying her ass back and forth. You become more and more mesmerized by her ass as the time moves forward. Forgot everything you have ever known because all you know now is the sway of her hips, her sexy voice and her juicy ass. You belong to her now.

Are you ready for her to blow her mind? You belong to Sumiko now, as she becomes sinister. You are fully under her control. You are a slave to her ass. You will do anything you can to please Sumiko’s ass. You are weak to Sumiko’s presence. She controls your body, mind and soon your soul as well. Every inch of your being will be devoted to Sumiko and her juicy round ass. Reduced to a weak little slave. She controls you like a little puppet and you like it.

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Duratio: 00:12:18
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