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Christina Carter a.k.a Supreme Girl has entered to win this fight. Christina is confident that she will win this fight against you. She is confident enough to tell you that if she doesn’t win she will get naked. The fight begins and Christina has her hands up and you take control of them. Christina begins fighting herself, against the strength of her hands and the compolsion to stop. Christina didn’t have a chance in this fight. She doesn’t understand what is happening or how you are doing this to her. Christina acknowledges that you won. Christina knows that she said she would get naked if you won. She pulls her underwear down and her skirt down to her knees. Christina pulls her top over her breast. And then she replaces all her clothes. You tell her that it doesn’t count because she didn’t get completely naked. So you take control of Christina again and make her completely naked. You make Christina get on her knees and she begs you to stop controlling her. You got what you wanted, how long is it going to take. But she is talking to much for you, so you hand her a gag and make her tie it tightly around her mouth. Christina is clearly struggling with the fact that she is not in control of her own body and then you give her handcuffs to put on. Christina lays there on the ground struggling clearly feeling defeated.

The second scene, Christina comes in and is ready for her interview. She gets a rope lassoed around her waist. She wonders if this part of the interview. No it isn’t and there is 120 hostages for her to go save. She can save them by giving a strip tease. With each article of clothing that comes off she save 20 hostages. Christina can’t believe she is doing this but she has no choice since she doesn’t have her powers right now. She gets all of her clothes off and she is now told she has to stand there. You want her to turn around a couple times so you can get a good look at her. You then want her to surrender. Christina tries to get out of it, she did what you already asked her to do. She knows she was being tricked but there is no other options for her to take. She gets on her knees and gets handcuffed with her hands in the air. Next she is made to stand and her hands our bound to keep her arms over her head and her legs are tied making her legs stand apart. Christina, Supreme Girl, won’t be getting out of this as she is fondled and there is nothing she can do about it.

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