Fetishland Studios – Hannah Perez revolutionize things FullHD 1080p

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Hannah Perez has a business proposal for a new project and she wants Jacquelyn Velvets help with it. The project has to do with mind control and having the person mesmerized. Jacquelyn was for helping Hannah until she threw that out there. Jacquelyn suggested to Hannah that she put an ad on Craigslist and get a willing victim to help her out. After the brief conversation Jacquelyn decides to go to bed. Once she gets to her room she undresses down to her bra and panties and then gets a text from Hannah that is only in the other room. Jacquelyn doesn’t understand what it could be so she pulls it up and she is immediately mind fucked. Hannah joins Jaquelyn in the room and starts guiding Jacquelyn through the process of being a lesbian slave. Jacquelyn does as she is told and they stand at the foot of her bed. Hannah tells Jacquelyn to face her and Hannah removes her shirt and bra. Hannah begins kissing Jacquelyn and she puts no protest to the kissing. Hannah controls the setting with kissing and light touching. Once Hannah is done she tells Jacquelyn that she will go back to normal and she will be ready to help Hannah with her business project the following day. Instead Hannah’s plan backfires for more beautiful, mesmerized, women.

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Duratio: 00:18:16
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