Fetishland Studios – Savannah Costello searching high and low FullHD 1080p

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Savannah Costello is tied up to a chair when she begins waking up. Savannah begins struggling against her binds with no luck, in her own house. Hannah Perez walks in and comments about Savannah doing a good job of covering her tracks. Savannah knows about Savannah’s slaves disappearing at random. Savannah acts coy about the situation and acts like she knows nothing of their lives when they leave her. Hannah wants to know what it’s going to take for a confession. Hannah realizes Savannah wont say a thing and she is going to find any piece of evidence so she can put Savannah away. Savannah can tell that Hannah has a few fetish curiousities of her own. Savannah wants Hannah to give her a massage and begins taunting her with things that could possibly be true. Hannah doesn’t deny it then starts giving Savannah a sensual massage. Savannah has a way about her. Hannah sees it but tries to ask Savannah what’s it going to take and Savannah tells her that she wants a night of complete and total pleasure. Hannah sits on Savannah’s lap and Savannah tells her not to resist it and to give in. Hannah kisses Savannah and rubs on her. After a little while Hannah unzips Savannah’s top to expose her breast and starts to feel on Savannah even more. Breathing heavily. Savannah tells Hannah there is a box waiting for her and tells her there is a vibrator in it for her. Hannah opens it up and just sees a phone. Savannah says the phone contains all the evidence she is looking for instead Hannah is stuck watching the spirals. Hannah becomes mesmerized. Savannah has made a new slave and gets Hannah to untie her from the chair. Savannah has Hannah follow her into another room. Savannah begins to remove Hannah’s dress. Hannah still being in her trance allows Savannah to tie her up and gag her. Once Savannah says the words to wake Hannah she becomes paniced. Hannah starts to struggle but Savannah is ready to keep her for herself instead of selling her off to be someone’s sex slave.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:31:18
Size: 3526 Mb

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