Catwoman Mind Controlled by Poison Ivy HD 720p

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Disturbed by the news she had been hearing regarding Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and the Black Canary all suddenly disappearing, Selina Kyle took it upon herself to find answers without Wayne’s help, but it was only because she felt as though she owed Wayne’s little sidekick the favor. Batgirl saved Selina’s life only a week prior while she had been attempting to take a huge score on the Falcone crime family. Selina felt obligated to do this for the kid, but tracking down these three fallen heroines would be a her undoing.

Days passed, and Selina had come up with absolutely nothing, no leads, and no plausible evidence that could send her on the right track. Realizing she had no other choice, she decided to contact Bruce, not to offer him help, but to ask him one single question.

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