Enchantress Sahrye – Junior Controls Mommie part 1 HD 720p

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However, this is the first time, he’s ever allowed himself to let those thoughts sink in. He debates with himself on whether or not he should push his experiment further. He ultimately rationalizes that he should push forward for the sake of science, but it’s obvious that lust is his true motivator. He now commands Mommy to return to cleaning the room while talking to him as she normally would. However, now he wants her to do it in a sexy way while being completely oblivious to how she is acting and Junior’s reactions. She goes back to cleaning and talking, but now she is clearing making a show of it by lifting her skirt up above her waist to seductively expose a skimpy thong, stretching and bending at the waist to pick up items, squatting down and spreading her legs, bending down in the “head-down, ass-up position”, crawling, etc. The whole time Junior is following her around enjoying the show, even occasionally reaching out to cop a feel and commenting on Mommy’s luscious body. However, in Mommy mind, she is completely unaware of how she is acting and believes she is simply cleaning and lecturing Junior as he listens quietly. At this stage, Junior decides to try something more brazen. He commands her to straighten up and return her clothes to a normal state. While she is still in a trance-like state, he asks her to tell him her most intense, deepest fantasy. Without hesitation, she responds, “Mommy wishes she could act like a slut”. Junior laughs at the irony, considering the contrast to the conservative, “type A” image that she obsessively tries to project. However, he decides its time to grant her wish. He tells her that soon she will hear music that will make her feel the uncontrollable urge to twerk and shake her ass. He tells her to snap out of her trance and act normally. She begins to lecture him as usual, but then Junior begins to play the music Mommy begins to feel the urge to show off her ass and appears confused and concerned. At first, she appears to resist the desire, but soon she is lifting her skirt over her waist again, twerking and shaking her ass for Junior in a variety of positions. Soon she is completely lost and relishing her exhibitionist show. As Junior notices how she is enjoying herself, he decides to ask her, “Is Mommy enjoying acting like a slut for her baby boy?” Without hesitation, she replies “Yes, Mommy loves acting like a slut for her baby boy!”

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