Fifi Foxxx Fantasy Aiden Valentine – The Gender Switch: Waking Up in a Woman’s Body FullHD

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Aiden stumbles into the door, closing it behind him, he comments about how badly he’s feeling. Having small involuntary gagging, he decides it would be best that he lay down. Kicking his shoes off he covers up with a blanket that was on the couch. With some mumbled cursing in between, he finally falls resting. Unbeknownst to the fact there are larger problems at first, he wakes up with notions about his still being buzzed. Mildly discovering some not so usual characteristics, he starts out thinking that his mates have pulled another prank, painting his nails while he was out as it isn’t unusual that they prank him that way.

He starts discussing with himself that it seems like his hands are much smaller than he is use to them being. Wait, he exclaims, this skin is a different color. He then starts to feel the characteristics of his face becoming sure they are not of his own. “Somethings going on, how much did I have to drink”, he says. Noticing his clothes aren’t fitting him as they normally would, its only seconds later he reaches up to find that he has a boob. Trying to deny the current situation, he attempts pinching himself as a way to wake up because he’s sure that he’s dreaming. Not able to deny it for long, he gives up simply hoping he at least has 2 boobs as reaches up to the other side of his chest. With a sigh of relief that at least there are 2 boobs, he takes a minute to express frustration with his new long hair.

Feeling quite differently about his dick, he says a small prayer as he reaches down between his legs. Crying out about it definitely being gone, he goes on verbally express how he really don’t want to take his pants off to find a vagina. Claiming that he just don’t think he can take much more, he turns to lay back so he can hesitantly unfasten his pants. Noticing he has a new set of thighs before getting his pants unfastened, he is sure that’s just another sign pointing towards what he doesn’t want. Mincing with a little more panic at each button, he only gets more dreadful, finally deciding to give himself a break before taking the final plunge. He needs a minute to recoup from all that he’s already endured before getting confirmation that he does indeed, possess the anatomy of a female now.

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