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Batgirl Chrissy is a modern day crime fighting superheroine with a strong willed and feisty personality. In addition to being a skilled fighter and having superb physical strength, she also possesses another unique ability that enables her to withstand the effects of the sleepy drug that was a major weakness for Batgirl in the past. Over the years, the heroine spent countless hours training herself to develop a resistance to the sleepy drug. She isnТt completely immune to getting knocked out, because her stamina can still be weakened, but only after prolonged exposure will she eventually be defeated. Her costume has also been modified to show off more of her toned body and give the outfit additional sex appeal. Instead of the old one piece body suit, she now wears a two-piece bikini style version with her bare legs and mid-section exposed. Batgirl has always enjoyed the attention she got from being a tease and having fans drooling over her, but as an added bonus, she realized that this new attire helps with distracting her enemies too! The video begins with the beautiful Chrissy Marie, reporter for The Daily News, working alone at her desk when she receives a mysterious phone call. The caller doesnТt reveal his name, but he gets her attention by saying he has information about where she can find the local college girls who have recently went missing. He provides her with an anonymous tip to the secret hideout of a slavery ring. Chrissy tries to ask for more details but he abruptly hangs up the . She announces that this sounds like a mission for her alter identity Batgirl, and quickly springs into action.

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