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limp - 1848 Mind Control Thanksgiving

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Here’s the skinny. I got invited to have Thanksgiving Dinner at my new girlfriend’s house this year. I really didn’t want to go until she showed me a picture of her mom. She was hot as fuck and had humongous breasts, so I figured I’d give it a go. Especially since I had just invented a brand new Mind Control Device. You see, I took an old Turkey Call of mine and outfitted it with a state of the art micro chip that sends short wave radio waves to the brain. I hadn’t used it on a human yet, just my canine, but it worked like a champ on old Waylon. When I showed up to Aria’s house my girlfriend’s Step-Mom, Casca, greeted me at the door. I couldn’t believe my eyes she was hot as fuck and her Tits were gigantic. My girlfriend, Aria, came out of her room thirty seconds later and gave me a big hug and kiss right in front of her Mom and Dad. I could tell that her parents didn’t like me and they both proceeded to give me the third degree about everything. After a few minutes of their bullshit, I had enough. I pulled my Turkey call out of my backpack and placed it on the table. Aria’s mother thought it was a sex toy and freaked out, while her smart ass father asked me what I thought I was going to do with it. I was honest and told him that I had a device that could control minds and that I was going to use it on his family at Thanksgiving Dinner. Of course he thought I was just pulling his chain and full of malarky. The old bastard then sarcastically dared me to to try my call out. I just smiled and told everyone to stare and listen to the Turkey call. They did as I said then I shook it. Within three seconds, they were all in a trance like state. The Micro Chipped Mind Control device had worked. First thing I did was hand them these ridiculous Turkey hats I found online and I made them put them on. After that, I had them act like turkeys and they gobbled over and over like wild birds. Next, I had Casca pull out her tits so I could play with them. Her boobs were amazing and I motorboated her for a good forty five seconds. All while Aria and her dad sat there in a trance like state and watched me. I didn’t stop there and I had Aria lift up her skirt and I proceeded to play with her pussy right in front of her father and mother. They watched me finger bang her while they encouraged me. I had to take advantage of the crazy situation, so I had the two girls go down on each other right in front of Pops. He got cuckold and called like a turkey fool as we both watched. Next they both sucked on my cock and balls while he ate his appetizers. Both girls were super ready at this point and I fucked Aria and her mother right on the Dining room table while I had her dad watch me get balls deep. I stuffed them both really good right next to the turkey dinner. When I was done smashing, I shot my gravy deep inside Casca’s vagina. It was turning out to be the perfect day and I was ready for desert. I made everyone get dressed and I grabbed the hats back from them. After that I told her parents that when they came out of the trance they would have a changed attitude towards me. They would actually think I was the best man in the world for their daughter and not a loser anymore. Finally, I had them sit in their seats, I shook my Device, and the three of them were instantly back to normal. Aria’s Family had no idea what had happened and we went on to have the best Thanksgiving Dinner of all time. Gobble! Gobble!

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