Batgirl Chrissy And Detective Khristall Captured FullHD 1080p

limp - 1876 Batgirl Chrissy And Detective Khristall Captured.mp4

The video starts with Batgirl Chrissy sneaking into a house of a sex slaver. She sneaks in to the kitchen and hides behind the counter then tries to contact Khristall through a secure line. Chrissy is confused when no one answers the call and tries to call Khristall again, but still receives no response. She decides that she will carry out the operation herself. Chrissy goes into the house and sneaks into the office where she finds all the documents and photos of the girls that went missing. Now that she found the proof that she needs and tries to contact Khristall again. She tells Detective Khristall that she has the proof and desperately asks her to respond. Chrissy still gets no response. Chrissy decides that it’s too risky to wait for Khristall and sneaks out of the office.
While passing through the hall hears a very loud “mmmmphing” coming from the bedroom. Wondering what that is Batgirl Chrissy enters the room and sees Khristall naked, barefoot and bound on the bed! There is also another camera filming Khristall while she was struggling furiously trying to reach the keys. She has the word “For” written on one foot and “Sale” on the other and it doesn’t look good for her! Khristall begs Batgirl for help through her stuffed and cleave gagged mouth! Batgirl immediately goes for the keys to the cuffs when suddenly the slaver returns and ‘tells’ her to get away from Khristall. (Silent camera POV for entire video)
Batgirl Chrissy angrily tells the slaver “You can’t keep the city’s top detective like this. You will not get away with this!” The slaver ‘tells’ Chrissy that her, as Batgirl, would fetch a good price. “I will not surrender to be a slave!” says Batgirl. The slaver then ‘tells’ Chrissy that he is willing to release Khristall if Chrissy destroys the proof and surrenders to being a slave. Batgirl Chrissy begins to think about it and looks at Khristall who shakes her head warning her not to give in, but she begins to feel guilty and agrees to surrender. She takes the documents she stole and tears them up. She is then ‘told’ to sit next to Khristall on the bed. This whole time Khristall is mmpphing loudly while furiously trying to escape.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:13:41
Size: 309 Mb

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