Bluebird & Angel – Candy Crush HD mp4

limp - 1910 Candy Crush.mp4

Wonderstrike has been missing for a handful of days when she makes contact with Candy about rescue. The Equalizer races to her aid, but the Wondrous one suggests she has really been a captive for the best part of a year! Worse than all of that however is that Wonderstrike is bait for a 7D ambush! Will Candy fall to the dark forces like some many of her allies?

This weeks Member Gift is a special Spectrum modelling video from a recent photo shoot. You’ll see her in a range of costumes beyond her own, including Bluebird & Angel! To get this video you need to purchase ‘Candy Crush’ via your members email on Friday. It will be available for 48 hours before deletion.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:22:54
Size: 850 Mb

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