Heroine Movies – A Luciafilms Original Movie – Vayne – Breaking Point FullHD 1080p

limp - 1929 Vayne Breaking Point.mp4

Fantastigirl’s attempts to infiltrate a criminal compound is met with tragic misfortune. After accidentally stepping on a gas mine that renders her unconscious, an underling finds and interrogates her to discover the heroine’s secrets. After playing possum long enough to lure the thug’s boss to the scene, she turns the tables and puts her heroism on full display!
Unfortunately, when the boss shows up it is no one other than the infamous Vayne. Crime lord and mastermind behind countless savage plots. Will Fantastigirl be able to free herself from their clutches? Or does the young heroine’s story end before it even begins?

*Producer Notes: So! Our AC broke in the studio during the shooting of this, and so you will notice everyone has a fantastic glossy sheen! This looks wonderful on camera for the low price of us dying on set. On a more serious note, we would like to apologize for some of the makeup effects (ie: the blood/cuts) occasionally vanishing as a result of this. We reapplied several times, but was unfortunately out of our hands in the end. We did our best! Adriana and Ironhead knocked it out of the park. We hope you enjoy viewing their first outing as much as we did filming it. Even with the melting.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:37:00
Size: 886 Mb

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