Jade Jantzen, Stephani Moretti – Wonder Girl and Huntress – Mind Slaves of the Cobra HD mp4

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Int garage dojo day

Wonder Girl faces the Cobra

You see, physically you are close enough to WW to make a fight far too uncertain, BUT your young mind is not nearly strong enough to resist my cobra gaze.

Cobra uses his power to mesmerize the young undisciplined mind of He brings her to another room and implants commands. She then mindlessly masturbates to orgasms repeating a submissive mantra to imprint it on her mind. Cobra then wakes WG up but she is unable to attack him or resist his commands. He mocks her for being helpless and she is forced to masturbate again.

Huntress (in costume) enters. She has her xbow and is ready for battle. Cobra uses his special stealth powers sneaks behind her and strikes her from behind, Huntress does not go down easily but Cobra mocks her and then puts her down for the count. Huntress Wakes up tied up in Locker room, no boots. Cobra has her boots, belt and xbow. After a long Struggle Huntress Frees herself

Tags: female training, rope bondage, costume, cosplay, masturbation, strong woman, powerful women, fight scene, orgasms

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