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Lydia says with an evil grin: I’ve been waiting for you..

WonderCali says: What do you want ?

Lydia says: I’ve been studying you “amazons”, you’re not so tough. When I’m done you will tell me all your secrets.

WonderCali, stunned by the arrogance of this woman, laughs.

Lydia is not deterred and demands: What is the source of your powers ? Where is paradise island ?

WonderCali is shocked that Lydia knows about Paradise island.

WonderCali says: Who told you about Paradise Island ?

Lydia just laughs and says: I have my sources. Soon you will tell me everything.

WonderCali says: Never!

Lydia suddenly holds out her hands towards WonderCali and squeezes one hand tight – making WonderCali feel like she is suddenly being gripped and squeezed by an invisible force. WonderCali struggles in vain against the invisible force.

Lydia then points one finger at WonderCali and issues the spell command: OBEY!

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