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Poison Ivy lurks in her lair contemplating which super hero will be her next target to mesmerize, seduce and help her bring justice to plants everywhere. As she plots to bring down the boy wonder and use him as bait for the bat, none other than Batman sneaks up behind her and shoves a rag across her nose and mouth laced with a special anti neuro seduction compound designed to render Ivy and her powers vulnerable and weak. She struggles to break free from the powerful bat, but to no avail. Soon her eyes flutter and close and she’s rendered helpless and limp on the floor. Batman throws her over his shoulder and carries he around trying to decide what to do with her. Before he locks her away he wants to have some fun with the weakened . After all of the superheroines she’s mesmerized and victimized it’s time to get some payback! He lays her down and plays with her limp body, picking up her arms and letting them drop before rubbing her hands across his body. He can do whatever he wants with her.
Poison Ivy awakes bound, gagged and helpless. The angry struggles to blow seduction smoke into Batman’s face, but the hero assures her she’s lost her powers…at least for a little while. It’s time to sexually humiliate her like she’s done to so many heroines – it’s time for revenge! Batman rips open her pantyhose, fondling her pussy and groping her tits. He’s going to make Ivy’s pussy wet and make her beg to cum. The bat puts one of Ivy’s own sex toys on her fragile flower making the villain writhe in unwanted pleasure. She shakes and moans through her gag, her pussy dripping wet and aching to orgasm. Batman licks her tits and shoves the vibrator down harder on her clit forcing an exruciating orgasm which makes Poison Ivy scream and shake, dripping drool over her gag and down her chin. Now turned on himself and with a raging hard on, Batman is open to pursuasian which Ivy uses in her favor. She convinces him to take off her gag. Little does the bat know his anti seduction compound has now worn off and Ivy licks her lips before kissing his. Batman has fallen into a trap once more…

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