Lovita Fate & Mishelle Klein – Programmed for his pleasure Sex Robots SD mp4

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The Landlord puts the finishing touches on his greatest creation: two sex robots in the form of Lovita Fate and Mishelle Klein! Programmed for his pleasure, the Landlord invites the robots downstairs, then presses the play button. On command, they take off their backpacks, and go right to giving him a double blowjob. The Landlord strips his robots to reveal the perky tits and round asses he built, then lies Lovita back on the couch so he can taste her pussy juices. The Landlord fucks Lovita, then bends Mishelle over so she will eat Lovita’s pussy as he fucks the blue-haired robot in the ass! The Landlord takes turns pounding pussies and asses on his sex robots, before cuming on both their faces, then powering them down for the evening.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 854 x 480
Duration: 00:38:16
Size: 473 Mb

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