Kendra James, Lexi Luna the scarf thief FullHD 1080p

limp - 1962 kendra james scarf thief.mp4

Kendra is visiting her friend Lexi Luna. The ladies are planning what to do for the night and finally decide to stay in, watch movies and eat popcorn. As Kendra starts rummaging through the night stand drawer for the tv remote, she notices a bunch of handkerchiefs that look awfully familiar and which she’s been missing. Suddenly she realizes her best friend has been stealing them all along! Not only that, but there’s a strange bottle in the drawer too. She confronts Lexi angrily and threatens to call the police on her. Lexi begs her not too, but Kendra is insistent she should be arrested for stealing and also having nefarious potions laying around. As she turns around to call the authorities Lexi quickly grabs a handkerchief and the bottle of sleepy serum and knocks Kendra out. She’s going to have some sleepy fun with her friend. Maybe she’ll just keep her here forever, letting her wake up then knocking her out again. This could be fun!

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