Med Gypno Aislin Electro Orgasm No Intense Pleasure Without Intense Pain FullHD 1080p

limp - 2111 Aislin Electro Orgasm No Intense Pleasure Without Intense Pain.mp4

Description: (English) This is a MUST SEE highly erotic clip. Let’s just state that from the get-go. Poor Aislin is just where Interrogator Amirah wants her. It’s trick or treat time and she’ll get the treat – a nice breast massage and industrial vibrator workout courtesy of Amirah *IF* she first fesses up. Otherwise she will be submitted to the trick, intense pain in the form of electro with clamps on her abdomen and breasts. Aislin tries to hold out and you can almost feel the intensity as her eye’s roll to the back of her head every time the electrified clamps make contact on her body. Amirah has some pity on the girl, cuts off her bonds and allows her some vibrator pleasure, but the electro following her deep orgasm is too much for her and her heart gives out. Amirah needs to perform CPR, defib, resus, and MTM just to revive her. When Aislin does revive Amirah treats her to another round of orgasms with the vibrator but just as she is about to come evil Amirah pulls out the clamps again and shocks poor Aislin! But there is a light (well maybe stars) at the end of the tunnel as Aislin succumbs and talks and Amirah shows her how generous she can be with the vibrator, in a long orgsmic scene. Amirah really shines as the understated interrogator serving carrots and sticks while helpless Asilin alternatively convulses and orgasms under Amira’s complete control. Just get this and you wont’t be disappointed!

Category: CPR

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:14:35
Size: 986 Mb

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