Heroine Movies – Coco and Belle Fatale Solaria vs Space Vixens FullHD mp4

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Contains: 3 on 1 male/female combat, face punches, kicks, belly punches, back-hands, slaps, knees, super breath, laser eyes, full nudity, costume destruction, use of weapons including lead pipe, cinder blocks broken overhead, boulder, and a sledge hammer, verbal humiliation, groping, spanking, forced fucking from strap-ons in multiple positions, forced BJ from strap-ons in multiple positions, heroine dunked in “cement” shaving cream, space vixens transform to reveal their “actual hands”, depowering with visual fx, hypnosis from glass ball with vfx, depowering liquid poured on heroine while wrapped in a motion triggered pain-inducing cocoon, shackles, nipple clamps, bucket of water hung using nipple clamps, multiple outfits including costume, red body suit, full body sock, and leather slave outfit, body pans, close ups
Synopsis: While tracking down stolen vials of deadly serum, Solaria encounters Domina and her two space vixen sidekicks Ultima and Maxima. Solaria is always the strongest force in the room, but that’s not the case here. The vixens are powerful, and collectively, they could likely wipe Solaria clean off the map. Fortunately for us, that’s not Domina’s agenda. The vixens run a universal sex ring and the demand for Solaria’s virgin body to be defiled by the highest bidder is far more important than the simple destruction of our heroine. Solaria is naturally defiant, and it’ll take a massive amount of brutal torture, humiliation, and sexual destruction before the cocky heroine submits. And that’s exactly what’s about to happen…

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Duration: 00:34:26
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